Plastic Snuff Cans To Package Beef Jerky

Plastic Tobacco-Chew-Cans-Family-All-Colors-Made-in-USA-Large-Sample-Size-beef jerky chew

Buy plastic dip tobacco cans made in the USA from for your shredded beef jerky chew products.

Plastic Beef Jerky Chew Containers

Beef jerky chew is one of the many chewing tobacco alternatives in the market that often helps previous tobacco chew users off of tobacco snuff. Most snuff alternative companies will often market their products the same as you would with traditional chewing tobacco.

If you compared a Jacklink’s shredded beef Jerky plastic tin cannister to that of a Copenhagen container, they both have that circular Altoids container look. This helps consumers know what to look for when searching for non tobacco alternatives to chew.

Where to Get Plastic Beef Jerky Chew Cans

The next question is where to get non-tobacco chew can containers? Well by Earthwise Packaging specifically sells these plastic chew containers inexpensively and are made right here in the USA

Our manufacturing facility is located in Tustin, California. We stock the black, clear, transparent smoke colored smokeless tobacco tins and cans. This means you can get your shredded beef jerky chew cannisters within a few business days of ordering. We only do bulk, wholesale orders with a minimum of one box that contains either 700 of our large sized tobacco cans or 1000 of our small size containers. We have no maximum and since you’re ordering factory direct, we are open to customization options if ordering a large enough amount.

Plastic Tobacco-Chew-Can-Empty-Made-in-USA-Large-Snuff-Dip-Smokeless beef jerky chew can
Plastic metallic color dip tobacco cans and tins made in the USA

Food Grade Quality Beef Jerky Chew Tins

Our plastic dip tins are made from food-grade polypropylene and are BPA-Free and FDA approved so you know that our containers are safe for beef jerky chew storage. We have two different sizes for these jerky tins. Our small size is able to hold about 1 fluid ounce and our large can can hold about 2 fluid ounces.

Where to buy plastic dip tobacco cans and tins made in the USA
Where to buy plastic dip tobacco cans and tins made in the USA

Herbal Chew Can color Options

We have our plastic beef jerky chew cans in an opaque black and a transparent clear color. If you would like a different color, we can produce those for you as well if you meet our custom minimum purchase amount.

CoolJarz-Tobacco-Free-Chew-Cans-Made-in-USA-Ready-to-Ship-In-Stock-Now for beef jerky chew and other non-tobacco alternatives
Where to buy plastic dip tobacco cans and tins made in the USA

Other Uses for Plastic Beef Jerky Chew Packaging

Our beef jerky chew containers can also be used for other products. The resin that we use is food-safe along with the color tints. This allows for the direct contact of foods like chewing tobacco, beef jerky chew, mint pouches, coffee pouches, smokeless tobacco products, candy, nuts, cannabis CBD products. These containers are also safe to re-use and recycle.

Buy plastic dip cans and tins from our online store at the lowest prices
Buy plastic dip cans and tins from our online store at the lowest prices

Jerky Chew Jar Specifications

Our plastic dip cans and tins are a standard size of 2.575 inches outside diameter and .900 inches in height when the cover and can is assembled. Our cans and tins run on most automated filling, assembly, labeling machines. We manufacture the larger jerky chew can that holds 2 fluid ounces in a matte finish. This helps with the assembly of the entire package.


Beef jerky chew containers can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. This is why by Earthwise Packaging decided to make them. If you’re ready to check them out for yourself, click here.

If you have any questions about our beef jerky chew cans or about any of other packaging options, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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