Plastic tins for Your Chewing Tobacco Alternative


Chewing tobacco alternatives are usually marketed in the same ways you would expect from actual chewing tobacco. Part of that is imitating the look and feel of the product itself, but also the packaging. If you’ve ever seen a Copenhagen tin or can, you’d know chewing tobacco comes in small circular containers.

CoolJarz has followed that style of container for our plastic herbal chew cans. These chew cans or jars, function very similarly to regular chewing tobacco tins and work great for non-tobacco alternatives. CoolJarz manufactures these plastic tins for chew tobacco alternatives right here in the USA and if you’re in need of a supplier, Cooljarz is perfect for you.

Chew Tobacco Alternatives for Our Plastic Cans

CoolJarz has supplied these plastic chew tobacco alternative tins for various companies and products. Companies love our plastic chew can containers because they are FDA approved, BPA-Free and food-grade quality. This means you can put anything from gum, mints, beef jerky, to whatever chewing tobacco alternative you can think of.

We’ve had companies that put coffee pouches in our containers. Mint leaves are also pretty popular. Even nicotine pouches can be put in our plastic tin containers. Although many usually use these containers for these snuff alternatives, if you think your product is a good fit for a container this size, give us a try.

plastic container for jack links beef jerky chew alternative

Bulk Whole Sale Quantities of Plastic Skoal Cans Factory Direct Made in the USA

When working with CoolJarz, you’re not only getting quality packaging for your product, you’re also working with a quick and responsive supplier that gets what you need in an inexpensive and quick manner.

CoolJarz Packaging creates all of our snuff alternative containers in-house at our factory here in Southern California. This means we are always-in-stock and can generate any given amount within a short amount of time. No more waiting for your packaging to cross the seas, you can usually expect your orders to arrive within 3-5 business days.


Chew Tobacco Can Colors and Sizes

CoolJarz herbal chew cans come in 2 sizes. The smaller of the plastic cans holds about 1 fluid ounce. The larger of our tobacco cans can hold about twice the amount at 2 fluid ounces. Depending on how much and the size of the contents you want to sell, will generally determine which size you go with.

We have a few different in-stock color options for each size. The small tobacco jar comes in a opaque glossy black as well as a clear transparent. Our large tobacco jar comes in a popular matte black, the same clear transparent, and a translucent smoky black.



Marketing your tobacco alternatives starts with its looks! You’re going to want a container that is recognizable so people know where to look for your product. Shop at CoolJarz to get a tobacco alternative plastic can that works for your business.

We are factory direct and make all of our containers in the USA. If you’d like to order our bulk chew tobacco containers, click here! If have any questions about our containers, or other CoolJarz products, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help.

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