Plastic Tins and Jars for Fishing Bait


Are you a bait and tackle business looking for a new way to store your products? Look no further than CoolJarz by Earthwise packaging. CoolJarz are experts in plastic packaging and our prices are hard to beat.

Best of all, all of our plastic containers are Made in USA and we are the factory-direct manufacturer. This means you’re getting your fishing bait and tackle cans and containers fast and we have American made quality.

Plastic Tobacco Cans for Fishing Bait

Carrying around, storing, and distributing bait can become very inconvenient without the right container. That’s why CoolJarz elected to go with the convenience of a tobacco chew container as the inspiration design of our plastic containers.

These containers are made from food grade polypropylene plastic that makes them high quality and strong enough to re-use. You could store anything from salmon eggs to other non live fish bait. Anything that you would expect to store in a small air sealed container could be a good choice for our plastic tins.

These puck shaped containers come in two sizes. Our small size is able to hold about 1 fluid ounce while are large size is able to hold twice the amount at 2 fluid oz. These two options allows some flexibility in what type of bait you would like to hold in them as well as how much.

We also carry these bait can containers in a few different in-stock colors. Our smaller sized can comes in a glossy opaque black as well as a transparent clear jar. The larger sized snuff container comes in a stock matte black, a transparent clear, as well as a translucent smoky black. However, we also offer custom colors with a minimum order purchase. Just ask us!

Factory Direct, Made in USA Fishing Bait Containers


CoolJarz is an American made company and our factory is located right here in the USA. This means you’re getting your bait packaging and containers as fast as possible. Most orders can be expected to ship out same or next day so most customers can expect their shipment to arrive within 3-5 business days.

Our pricing is also exactly what you would expect from a wholesale manufacturer. We sell our plastic bait containers in large bulk quantities to get the lowest price points possible for you.

Plastic Containers for Fishing Bait Conclusion

If you’re a fishing bait and supply company looking for new high quality containers for your products, give CoolJarz a look. We’re one of few plastic container companies that create all of our packaging items right here in the USA.

To get some plastic tobacco cans for your fishing bait click here! If you have any questions about any of our packaging or CoolJarz in general, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help.

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