Plastic Tins For Salves and Balms Cosmetics


Many cosmetics companies know that packaging can make or break your products. The type of container you have for your salve or balm can affect it’s ability to stay fresh, leakage, and price. That’s why CoolJarz creates high quality plastic 1 and 2 ounce tins for cosmetics.

Our plastic tins are great for cosmetics such as lip balm, lotion, and other salves because they’ll keep your products fresh and safe from spillage. Our plastic tins are also made from food-grade material and are BPA-Free so you know you’re getting safe high quality containers.

Best of all, CoolJarz manufactures all of our plastic jars right here in the USA. That means you can get bulk, wholesale, 1 ounce tins at a manufacturer price and domestic fast shipping.

The Perfect container for Your Salves

CoolJarz Plastic Tins are great containers for your business’s salves because CoolJarz are experts in packaging. We’ve been in the plastic container game for over 30 years and each one of our containers are made from high grade materials made to protect your balms and salves.

Our tins for salves are made out of high grade polypropylene plastic that is FDA Approved, and BPA-Free so your products are safe to use. This also makes them completely re-usable and easy to recycle.

Our plastic tins are also odor-proof and have a small incision if you wish to have a perforated seal on your label.

The one ounce plastic jar is about the size of a typical lip balm container and has a sealable lid that will prevent any leakage. Our 2 ounce tin is more of a small puck shape which can hold a good amount of your balm or salve while still being able to fit in your pocket.

Our plastic tins are great for products such as beard balms, hair finish, tooth powder, or just about any travel sized personal care product.

Our plastic salve and balm tins also come in a variety of colors. For our 1 ounce tins, we have in stock an opaque glossy black or a translucent clear color. For our 2 ounce tins we have our popular matte black, the same translucent clear, and a translucent smoky black as well.

If you would like another color, no problem, we can also make almost any custom color with a minimum purchase amount.

Made In USA Plastic tins for Salves and Balms

Our plastic containers are such high quality because we make them ourselves here in the USA. Our factory is located in Southern California and we’re constantly producing these plastic one ounce jars.

This means you’re getting your salve tins factory-direct and Made in The USA. So you’re getting fast shipping times and quick arrival dates. We can ship our plastic salve tins in quantities anywhere from a single box to a whole truckload if necessary.

We have the supply too so you won’t ever have to worry about waiting for a boat to cross the ocean to get your salve containers. We ship using using trusted shipping companies such as Fedex, USPS, and Worldwide express so you can expect to get your containers usually within 3-5 business days depending on where you’re located.

Plastic Salve Container Prices


When you go with CoolJarz for your packaging you’re getting some of the lowest prices on the market. Aluminum tins can cost up to 4 times the amount of one of our plastic containers and still not work as well.

Also, since we are the manufacturer, we are also one of the lowest plastic container companies on the market. So much so that each one of these 1 ounce plastic tins can go as low as 9 cents depending on quantity bought.

The same goes for our 2 ounce plastic tins that can go as low as 8 cents each depending on quantity bought. So if you’re looking for bulk wholesale plastic tins, this is the place to go.



Packaging is everything when it comes to cosmetics. Know that your lotions, salves, and balms are safe a protected with our plastic 1 or 2 ounce tins. We are factory direct, and our prices can go as low as 8 cents per container!

If you own a salve or balm business and you’re looking to get bulk wholesale tins for your product, you can visit If you have any questions about our 1 ounce tins or 2 oz tins, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help.

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