Plastic Tobacco Cans For Beef Jerky Chew

Buy plastic dip tobacco-styled cans for your shredded beef jerky chew products.

Jack Link’s beef jerky chew works as an alternative to tobacco chew as well as a delicious snack. If you’re a beef jerky business, I’m sure you’ve already thought about adding jerky chew to your product line. However, you’ve also probably had trouble finding just the right container for it as well. No worries so have we.

Well, Jack Link’s container is pretty recognizable so we figured the low-profile jar shaped like a chewing tobacco can could work best. We hope you agree because CoolJarz currently manufactures these plastic tobacco cans for beef jerky chew at a great price. You have the jerky, now all you need is the container. So what are you waiting for? Let’s see why you should get our jerky chew containers today.

Plastic Tobacco Cans for Beef Jerky Made in The USA

CoolJarz is an American manufacturer and we make all of our plastic tobacco chew cans right here in the USA. Our manufacturing facility is located in Tustin, California so we’re never too far away. This means you can get your shredded beef jerky chew canisters within a few business days of ordering.

We produce large quantities of our plastic chew can containers every day and sell them by the box or even a truckload if needed. Since we’re our own manufacturer, shipping and arrival dates are never too far away and most orders will even ship the same to the next day.

Food Grade Quality Beef Jerky Chew tobacco Cans


Our beef jerky chew cans are made from food-grade polypropylene plastic and are BPA-Free and FDA-approved so our containers are safe for food consumption. They have a threaded lid that will keep your products fresh and safe within. We even provide a small slit between the lid and the container that allows for a tamper-evident seal if necessary.

Also, because our containers are BPA-free, they are safe to reuse or recycle. Polypropylene is considered one of the safest plastics so no need to worry about longevity or leaching.

Beef Jerky Chew Tobacco Can color Options

We have our plastic beef jerky chew cans in an opaque black or a transparent clear color, we even have a smoky translucent black as well. If you would like a custom color, we can produce those as well. You’ll just need to meet our minimum order purchase amount for custom colors. We offer discounts on larger quantity order purchases so it’s a win-win situation.

Jerky Chew Jar Specifications

These jerky chew cans can hold about 2 fluid ounces and we’ve found that this is a standard size container for beef jerky chew retail sale. The lid is threaded to keep it from falling off but can be removed with both hands easily. This makes grabbing a bit of chew quick and easy.



Get your plastic tobacco cans for beef jerky chew from a trusted manufacturer right here in the United States. You already see the big names with their own jerky chew product so why not yours? Get your beef jerky chew tobacco cans with CoolJarz today.

CoolJarz are experts in plastic packaging and would love to work with you. If you have any questions about our beef jerky chew cans or about any of other packaging options, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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