Wholesale Plastic Chew Cans

Buy Wholesale Plastic Chew Cans Here

Looking for those popular plastic chew cans for your products and business? You came to the right place. CoolJarz by Earthwise Packaging are experts in plastic containers and cans and can be your manufacturer and supplier of plastic chew cans.

These plastic 2 ounce tins are extremely popular for a wide variety of products in multiple industries. We’ve had people buy our plastic chew cans for everything from cannabis, to tobacco chew alternatives, to even containers for fishing bait. Obviously no ones complaining. Our plastic cans are popular amongst businesses and consumers because we provide a quality product and service at a low manufacturer price.

What else is there to it? We’re not entirely sure but we just try to put out as much quality as we can at the lowest price possible and it seems to work out for everyone.

Wholesale 2 ounce plastic Tins

Our 2 ounce plastic cans are obviously modeled after chewing tobacco cans. We did this so chewing tobacco alternative companies could place their snuff or pouches into a familiar container for those trying to quit tobacco chew. They are also the perfect size because they can fit right in your pocket without taking up too much space. The lid is also large enough that it makes it easy to grab a pouch or a bit of “chew” quickly and easily. We’ve found that 2 ounce containers are one of the most popular sizes for retail distribution as well!

These plastic chew cans have a threaded lid and are odor-proof as well as leak-proof. This will keep the contents of your plastic chew cans protected and fresh for a longer amount of time and are still easier to open than a full twist off lid. We’ve crafted these plastic tins with food grade quality in mind so they will be more than enough to hold your snus alternatives. These plastic chew cans are recyclable and reusable so customers are also receiving a useful container along with their products.

Lightweight and Inexpensive Plastic Chew Cans

Our plastic chew cans are inexpensive and are sold at quantity discounts. This system rewards those that buy larger quantities at a time. This is a win win for companies because not only are they getting a discount on the amount they purchase, they also won’t have to constantly place small orders to receive their supply.

Our plastic chew cans are made out of strong, lightweight, polypropylene plastic. This makes them more affordable to buy in large quantities versus heavy tin cans that serve many of the same purposes at over twice the cost.

Multiple Colors Available

CoolJarz plastic chew cans are made to easily be branded for retail companies. That’s why we carry in stock 3 of our most popular colors in a matte black, transparent clear, or a translucent smoky black. If you’d like a different color for them no worries, we can color match most pantones with a minimum order purchase.

Plastic Chew Cans Made in USA


CoolJarz are experts in packaging because we do it all ourselves. Our factory is located right here in Southern California and we’ve been in the plastic container business for over 30 years. Our facility is constantly producing more inventory so we never run out.

This means we are almost always-in-stock when it comes to our plastic packaging. So you’re getting fast shipping dates and arrivals. Depending on your order and location, you can usually expect your plastic chew cans to arrive within 1 to 5 business days.

No more working with middlemen who import their containers from abroad and no more waiting for that slow boat to arrive. Get manufacturer wholesale prices on your plastic 2 ounce containers right here in the USA.


Plastic chew cans are the convenient solution for distributing and using many retail products. They provide protection for the contents within and are easy to carry. They’ll also keep the contents within fresh for longer periods as well.

If you’d like to get some of our 2 ounce plastic tins for chewing tobacco alternatives or about any of our containers in general, visit our website at CoolJarz.com. If you have any questions about our plastic packaging services, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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